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About Us

The site provides the Merino industry with an interactive web tool from which to access the data published in Merino Superior Sires (ISSN 1323-4609). Merino Superior Sires combines data from individual Central Test Sire Evaluation (CTSE) sites across Australia such that sires may be directly compared. The combined data is managed on behalf of breeders by the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association (AMSEA).

Merino Sire Evaluation in Australia

The Merino Superior Sires web site provides:

  1. Information on the CTSE system for Australian Merinos, which is run under the guidance of the AMSEA.
  2. Guidance on using this information in Merino breeding programs.
  3. An interactive querying system to compare Central Test sires.
  4. Individual CTSE site reports.